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Friendly lessons to help you get the most out of your DSLR.

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One to One Lessons

Personalised lessons to learn about photography and to help you get to grips with your DSLR.

- Learn what you want to learn, at your own pace.

I offer one-to-one private lessons which give you a direct, hands-on approach to learning how to use your camera. I can help you work your way through those menus and settings on your DSLR until you become a master of them all!

Before your first lesson, I’ll find out from you what you know already. If you’re an absolute beginner, no problem… that’s what the lessons are for! You can also let me know if there is anything in particular you’re interested in taking photographs of, I can then tailor your lessons to suit you.

Main Content:

- How the light gets in - how the camera functions and records light.

- Getting started: The exposure triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed + Apertures.

- Reliable Focusing Techniques for sharper images.

- White Balance, reading histograms, light metering and other useful tools.

- Composition techniques, getting creative with light, how to approach your subject, feedback on your photographs + more……


One-to-one lessons are £95 for a 90 minute session.

This gives us enough time to go over the theoretical aspects of each lesson, and then allows time to go and apply what you’ve learned by taking some photographs too.

Before you book, I offer a free consultation to find out more about what you know already and what you’d like to learn.

It’s also useful for me to know what camera/equipment you have. If you don’t have a camera yet, I can make recommendations to suit your budget.

First lesson:

You can also book a mini-lesson for your first session. Here we can get acquainted and put together a personalised plan for you to get started. You’ll be learning straight away too: I’ll give you some tips about what you need to learn first to get going, and can help with any problems you are having with your camera or answer any questions you might have.

We can outline what you need to learn in a logical order so that you can progress as quickly as possible.

These initial lessons are £45 for 40mins.

Evening Classes

Learn the essentials with a small group - get started with a new hobby and make friends!

This is a 3 week evening class for beginners: Part 1 - The Essentials.

The aim of the classes will be to teach you enough to get started with using your camera on the manual setting. This will help you take creative control of the camera and understand how to get a properly exposed image in a range of settings. This course is suitable for absolute beginners, or anyone who would like to understand more about the “exposure triangle” and improve their focusing techniques to help obtain, clearer, sharper images. This course will get you started with your DSLR.

What’s covered:


Shutter Speeds

Aperture settings

Focusing and other useful tips.

As well as the above, following completion of the 3 week course, you will also receive a further 3 weeks email support for feedback on your photos and for any questions you may have.

Further courses to learn more will be available after completing this course.

You need a DSLR camera, any brand or age is fine. If you need advice on buying a new or used camera, please get in touch.

Next course dates:

Wednesday 13th March, 7-9pm

Wednesday 20th March, 7-9pm

Wednesday 27th March, 7-9pm

The Venue is a comfortable community hall in Crewe.

The price for this course is £99. Places are limited to 6.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Ben for details.

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Please complete the form below so that I have all the details I need to sign you up for the course. I will then be in touch with details of how you can pay and confirmation of dates and times. I look forward to seeing you soon!


A DSLR of any kind will do. As long as you can alter the settings manually, you should be good to go!
If you're not sure, that's fine! You can just say everything!

Facebook Group

Please join my group where I will be posting general photography advice for beginners, plus info on upcoming workshops and lessons that are happening locally, everyone is welcome.