Family Portraits


These shoots are all about capturing your growing family as you are now.  Imagine having beautiful portraits of you all to decorate your home with - we can make that happen.

Depending on the age of your children, things work a little differently.  If you have a newborn baby, I can visit you at home.  If your baby is on the move we can shoot at home or (from Spring to Autumn) we can find a beautiful outdoor location to use for your shoot.  With toddlers who are confident at toddling, and older children, again, you've got the choice between at home or out and about somewhere pretty where the children can play.

(There's no huge difference between a family photoshoot and the baby and children's shoots I offer.  The focus can be on you all as a family, or just on your baby or children - usually it's a combination of both.  We can talk about this when you enquire.)

Keeping it Real!

All of my shoots are all about keeping things natural.  I never tell anyone to smile for the camera, you simply don't need to (think about it, you could give a toddler a cardboard box and they'll find something funny to do with it within a few minutes!).  I know when to step back and creatively capture what's unfolding during your photoshoot: documenting real connections between you and your family. Equally, when I spot an opportunity for a laugh, I'll take it!

I promise there'll be no awkward posing, ever!  My photoshoots are 2% getting you to stand in roughly the same at the same time and 98% going with the flow of what's happening.



If you have a family garden that'll be suitable we can use that, or if you have a favourite place that you go for walks or to play, that could be a great idea too.  I can also make suggestions, we're lucky to have lots of amazing parks, gardens and open spaces on our doorstep here in Cheshire.  If you need ideas, just let me know and I'm sure I can help you come up with the perfect photoshoot session for you and your family.


Prices and Products

Photoshoots are £85 to book. Please see my pricing and product information page to give you a guide as to some of the products available to you, and get in touch for more details.


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