Recent Work + getting ready for a crazy summer! {Searching for a Photographer near me...}

My blog has been a little neglected of late (isn't that what they're for?!),  so here's a little update!

I've been busy with headshots for local businesses (see here and here for some of those).  So if you're in need of something similar for your business, feel free to get in touch anytime.  I've also been doing some wedding work, lots of baby & newborn shoots and shooting for some fab families of late!

Coming up, I'll be working with some local dance schools again in July, as well as some actual schools too.  I've also been doing some more studio work, and experimenting with that.. luckily my kids are handy to use as models. As much as I love lifestyle photography, and never knowing exactly what's going to happen next (I'm 100% happy when I'm improvising and love it when it just all comes together!), I can also see that having full control of the sun (in the form of my studio lights!) and selecting outfits/backdrops etc gives me a level of control I just don't usually have. 

This feels like a good way to move forward to me.  So much of making a photograph depends on the interaction between you (aka me, the photographer) and the person you're photographing.  Yes, with location shoots, I can step back and let people do their own thing.  I can capture the kids at play which is often the best way to get those natural shots.  But, I like to think that after 6 years of doing this professionally, I'm pretty good at getting anyone I'm shooting to relax and managing to make images that show them as themselves. Or maybe rather, as you see them.  And in a studio situation, I can take out all that is unnecessary, and make simple, beautiful images.


I'm pretty busy now until August, July is just about full up.  But I might be running some mini-shoots for the last week of June for everyone who would like to have a fun little shoot while the summer gets underway! I'm also now taking bookings for weddings and will be setting up a separate website for my wedding photography shortly!

As ever, please get in touch if you need a photographer for anything.  Especially if involves people pictures!  Here's one of my daughter that I love.... (that is, I love the photograph, but I also love her...most of the time!)


Photos by Ben - Working on new studio portraits.  Something for the future!

Photos by Ben - Working on new studio portraits.  Something for the future!

If you're interested in photographs of your children in this style, or would be interested in working on something else to suit them, it would be great to hear from you - let me know!