Superhero Photoshoots!

A little idea I had.  I expect it's the same in your house, your kids love one thing insanely.  So far, my exposure to repeated viewings of Frozen has been fairly limited.   However, I'm pretty sure I have seen EVERY episode of Max & Ruby ever made. There are dozens of them. One of the characters repeats the same word and that word alone throughout each episode....if you've never seen it, I suggest you keep it that way!! ;)

Anyway.. onto bigger and better things!! BATMAN!  My son and I love BATMAN.  Bat-lego, Bat Wii games, Bat-costumes (him, not me, I swear).  Whatever it is, if it's Batman related, we're in.  So it seemed fitting to create this:

Batman style portrait!

Batman style portrait!

If your child is stuck in an outfit all day, whether it's Spiderman, the Hulk or Elsa, you could make that part of a special photoshoot for them!

Contact me for details!

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