Win a Newborn Photoshoot + 10 Files - if your baby arrives on time!


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It's competition time! If you're due this Summer or beyond, here's your chance to win a free newborn photoshoot.  

If your baby is born on the predicted date (that you are given at your 12 or 20 week scan), you could win a shoot with files!  It's pretty unusual for your baby to be born on their due day, but it does happen and it happened to us, which is what gave me the idea for this competition!


Black & White Newborn Photograph {©2016 Photos by Ben}

Black & White Newborn Photograph {©2016 Photos by Ben}

How does it work?


At your 12 & 20 week scan, you'll receive your babies estimated due date.  If your baby arrives on time, get in touch and we'll arrange a shoot for you! 

You'll receive a free photoshoot with at least 10 digital files, worth over £300.  All you have to do, is have your baby on time! Please see my gallery of baby photography for examples.

You can enter between now and the 21st July 2016.  After that date, the competition will close and no more entries can be accepted.  I will announce that there is a winner as and when someone wins. 


- The first person to have their baby born on its due date is the winner. 

- Your due date has to be at least two weeks in the future when you enter.

- Once you have submitted a date, that date is final and can't be changed.

- If you win, I'll need some evidence of your babies birth date. (Just to glance at a birth certificate, for example, I won't need any copies of anything.)

- The shoot has to take place in the Crewe or Nantwich area. (Either at your home, or my home studio.)




or is it?! :)   

or is it?! :)



How to enter?


All you have to do is enter your name, email address and due date into the form just below, good luck to you!


My Baby Photoshoots - Bonus Prize!

If you are interested in a photoshoot for your baby, you can also book a shoot with me today, just in case you don't win the prize. 

I usually schedule newborn shoots in for around 7-14 days after your due date.  Booking in advance is the best way to secure your date during busy periods.

Photoshoots are £45 to book.

If you book a shoot, and then win the prize, not only will I refund your £45, in addition to the free photoshoot + 10 files which you will win, I will also give you a free, premium 20x16in canvas print worth over £200.

(This is a bonus available only if you have booked already, and then win.)

So, if you were wanting to book anyway, here's your chance to double the prize if baby arrives on time!  No pressure little bump! ;)

You can find out more about my baby photoshoots here.

Win a Newborn Photoshoot + 10 Digital Files...if your baby arrives on time!


Name *

Little boy blue!

Little boy blue!



*Small Print:

There is no cash equivalent. The prize is non-transferable in any way.  The date you are given at different scans may vary, but the date you submit to the competition is final and cannot be changed.  I reserve the right to cancel the competition or amend the rules at any time, with or without a winner being declared. The files you will receive are for your personal use only and cannot be used for advertising or sold for profit in any manner, but you can use them to print and share with family and friends etc., as much as you wish.  Copyright of the images is retained by the photographer, Ben Cassidy of Photos by Ben.  Images may not be altered or edited in any way or used in any way that misrepresents or damages my work or reputation.  Sharing on social media is totally fine, I'll give you copies for that purpose as well as full resolution files for printing anything you want, for personal use.  You may only submit your details into this round of the competition once.  There may be another round in the future, which you are free to enter again.  The photoshoot needs to take place within 30 days of the babies birth, but if there are circumstances that mean delaying the photoshoot, I will consider these before cancelling the prize. When you sign up, I will add you to my mailing list, I use that to send out information about shoots and competitions like this.  If you want to unsubscribe, you can easily do so. I will never send you spam or share your information.  I only want to keep you informed about my work in the hope that it is of interest to you. The prize is a photoshoot of up to around 2hours, plus 10 files from that shoot.  If you had already booked a session you will win the photoshoot, 10 files and 20x16 canvas too.











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