Newborn and Baby Photography

I love a yawning baby!! How can they be tired? They sleep all the time! Unlike us!

I love a yawning baby!! How can they be tired? They sleep all the time! Unlike us!

Hello baby...welcome to the World!


My approach to newborn photography works well for older babies too.  These sessions aren't just for newborns, you can book a photoshoot for your baby at any time.  But if you want to capture those crucial early weeks, to hold onto those memories forever, booking in advance is recommended.

For these sessions, I can visit you at home, which usually makes for a calmer and happier baby, and is also easier for you as new parents too.  You have everything you need to hand, and I need surprisingly little to capture some amazing images for you.  Just my camera, some suitable blankets (which I can bring) and a small space near a window or with good light.  (It's always nice to use any special blankets or toys of sentimental value that you have too, just let me know if you have something in particular you'd like to involve in your shoot.)  

My sessions are all about keeping it simple. It's just about you and baby.

Photos by Ben. Simple, natural newborn baby photography. Crewe & Nantwich Photographer.

Photos by Ben. Simple, natural newborn baby photography. Crewe & Nantwich Photographer.

Here's a link to an example newborn gallery on my blog, which is a good example of a typical shoot with me.  There are a range of images of baby with a variety of blankets in simple poses, plus a few candid shots of Mum & Dad.  The focus can be wherever you wish - more about baby, or more shots of you all together.  We can also include siblings or pets too, these are all things we can talk about when you get in touch.

When to book your newborn photoshoot?

Between 7-14 days old is a good time to have your newborn baby's photoshoot.  By 7 days you will have settled into your new routine a little, and baby will likely be quite sleepy and happy for us. (You will also have changed several thousand nappies by now too!)  Babies skin is usually nice and clear around this time too. 

I'd recommend that you book with me once you've had your 20 week scan.  Only around 5% of babies arrive on their due day, but we can at least pencil in an approximate date for you, and then arrange a definite date once baby is born.   Feel free to contact me at any time during your pregnancy to say hi and I can give you more information then too.




Newborn photoshoots are £125 and this includes a bundle of prints to get you started.

You can choose to order products from a range of beautiful frames, canvases, photobooks or prints.

Please see my pricing and product information page to give you a guide as to some of the products available to you, and get in touch for more details.

A full price list is available upon request and I always make sure all prices are clear upfront, before you book.  Please ask me for details.



Say Hello

If you're interested in finding out more about arranging a photoshoot for your new baby, I'd love to hear from you, let's have a chat! 

In the first instance it would be great to say hello, find out more about you and talk about photoshoot ideas and options.  Feel free to call or text me on 07799 091 321, email via, or use the form below to contact me.

Thanks for being here, let's make it happen!


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