Booking a Photoshoot


Photoshoots are just £85 to book, which is a deposit towards any collections.

There’s no need to decide now about what you would like to order. I think 99% of families who book me have no idea what they’ll want to order until they see their images, which makes perfect sense.  I think it’s best to wait until your viewing session, where you'll be able to look at the products and to see how you feel about them up close before you decide.

I will always make sure all my prices are clear and transparent before you even book, and the only surprises will be happy ones, when you see your finished images!





Mounted Print Collections

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The point of these is that its something cool that they can then frame themselves. They get something of good quality, finished, then just need to choose frames.  (or let me frame)


The sizes given below are the overall mount sizes, to fit a frame of that size.


 A mounted print, ready for framing.

A mounted print, ready for framing.



Collection 1  £285

1 18x12in Mounted Print

2 12x8in Mounted Prints

+ 5 8x6in Mounted Prints


Collection 2 - £325

1 20x16in Mounted Print

2 15x10in Mounted Prints

+ 5 8x6in Mounted Prints



Canvas Collections


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Collection 1 - £325

1 18x12in Canvas

2 12x8in Canvases

+ 5 8x6in Mounted Prints


Collection 2 - £435


1 20x16in Canvas

2 15x10in Canvases

+ 10 8x6in Mounted Prints


Collection 3 - £535

1 30x20in Canvas

2 20x16in Canvases

+ 10 8x6in Mounted Prints.


Frame Collections

info - I have a range - (pick 4 or 5) and can also order bespoke for you (for extra) prices are for these frames.




Collection 1 - £365

1 16x12in Framed Print

2 12x8in Framed Print

+ 5 8x6in Mounted Prints


Collection 2 - £485

1 20x16in Framed Art Print

2 15x10in Framed Art Prints

+ 10 8x6in Mounted Prints


Collection 3 - £685


1 30x20in Framed Art Print

2 201x6in Framed Art Print

+ 10 8x6in Mounted Prints



Digital File Collections

info - blurb. image of what?  


5 Digital Files - £250

10 Digital Files - £350

20 Digital Files - £450














- The photoshoot itself. This is usually between 45-90mins, depending on the type of shoot, and can be at your home or on-location at one of many of our wonderful local parks or other beauty spots (this can be arranged during your consultation).


- A viewing session.  One to two weeks after your photoshoot, we'll have a viewing session where you will be able to see your images for the first time.  Here we can put together an order for you, I'll be there to help with this, make suggestions and to give you ideas.  (But there will be absolutely no hard-sell! All my pricing is transparent, with no hidden charges, ever.  A full price list will be sent to you before you even book your session - also see full details below.)

There will be around 20 images for you to see at your viewing, possibly more depending on the type of photoshoot.  There are many ways you might display these; in frames, on canvases or other wall art, or in photobooks, for example. I can give you advice and show you beautiful samples to help decide what is right for you.


Bespoke Photographic-Art Range

I can create photobooks for your coffee table, or mounted prints ready for you to frame yourself, as well as high quality wall-art such as bespoke frames or canvases

I absolutely guarantee all of my products which are mainly provided by some of the UK's most highly regarded photographic art suppliers.   I'll oversee your order from start to finish for you, and will hand you your finished pieces, such as beautiful wall-art, ready for you to hang.

You might like to order digital files also, collections are available below.  These you can use as you wish to create your own prints, frames or canvases etc, and to keep forever.  You can also copy the files and send them to friends and family wherever they are in the world.


Framed Images

Your image will be carefully printed and mounted before being framed by professionals. Prices from £125



12" x 8"      -   £125

15" x 10"    -   £145


18" x 12"    -   £185

20" x 16"   -   £235

24" x 16"   -   £265



24" x 20"   -  £295

30" x 20"  -   £365

40" x 30"  -   £545


Canvas - Fine Art Wrap

From £95



12" x 8"     -    £95

15" x 10"    -   £150


16" x 12"    -   £175

20" x 16"   -   £215

24" x 16"    -   £285


24" x 20"  -   £315

30" x 20"  -   £385

40" x 30"  -   £575


Professional Lab Prints

Loose & mounted prints are available - from £20

Loose Prints

7" x 5" - £20

8" x 6" - £25

9" x 6" - £30

10" x 8" - £35

12" x 8" - £40

15" x 10" - £50

18" x 12" - £65

20" x 16" - £95


Mounted Prints - please ask for prices and advice on these.

Storyboard Frames

Create a frame which holds several prints to tell a story.

 A Storyboard frame.   

A Storyboard frame.


From £325

Please ask for further prices as each frame is made to order depending on the images that it will contain.

Digital File Collections

Choose a collection of Full-Resolution Digital Files to keep forever.  These come with a print release for you to copy, share and to create your own printed products as you wish.


Individual Files

£80 each



5 Images



10 Images



The Full Collection

20 images




Send Enquiry

If you're interested in finding out more about a photoshoot or would like to see a full price list, please get in touch. 

I'd love to hear about what you're looking for, let's have a chat!  Feel free to call or email, or use this handy box: