Full Newborn Gallery {Photos by Ben - Baby, Newborn Photoshoots Cheshire}

Newborn Photography - Example Gallery

Here's a sample gallery to help give you an idea of what you can expect after you've been expecting! ;)

This is how I typically work with a newborn photoshoot.  I can come to you at home, and we just need a small space near a window to work in to take some amazing photographs of your new baby.  If you feel your home may not be suitable, or would rather have a change of scenery, I also have a small home studio that we can use. It's totally up to you, and we can talk about this when you get in touch.

These were taken at the families home in Crewe, Cheshire.  This little guy was so calm, not a peep out of him! He was quite happy to have his photograph taken.  He had this funny little thing he was doing with his legs: everytime I thought I had him all settled one of them would pop up in the air! So I had to get a few shots of that too!

Here's the gallery:

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